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Individuals and agencies working together

             ... to prevent abuse, neglect and self neglect of adults who find themselves

             ... to educate our community on these matters and to build awareness

             ... to ensure support and assistance is available to those experiencing
                 abuse, neglect and self-neglect when they need it

• Are you an adult experiencing or concerned about abuse, neglect or self-neglect and are looking for information and local resources for support and/or assistance?

• Are you looking for information about the Kamloops CRN, who we are and what we do?

• Are you looking for information on the role of the government? Would you like to learn more about the legislation?

• Are you an adult looking for a mechanism to ensure your wishes are adhered to should you become incapacitated and unable to make your own decisions as to personal care, health care and financial dealings?

This site is designed for easy access in recognition of people who may have low literacy, may not speak English as their first language, may have cognitive disability, may have limited time to access this information or very basic computer equipment. The information contained herein is provided as an education, prevention and support and assistance tool for individuals concerned about adult abuse, neglect and self-neglect and looking for information sources.
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